Top 3 Canadian Online Retail Business Trends In 2017

Online Retail Business

The retailers in the US are quickly searching for a cataloging culture, Canadian online retailing continued to catch up. More and more Canadians have started doing online shopping. This trend provides an opportunity to the Canadian retailers to capture a portion of the digital marketplace.

Canadian online retailing is expected to reach close to $40 billion by 2018. You must know the top three promising trends in e-commerce after Inflow’s best research, (e-commerce marketing firm) to enhance the Canadian online retail business in 2017.

1. Develop Mobile Based Apps

Even though the strategic marketing has seen a good outcome for retail business using websites, it must now know the importance of mobile devices. Around 20% of Canadians have found to do online shopping using mobile devices. In this context, it is time to develop adaptable responsive sites.

In fact, the website should be as comfortable as possible, allow people to search and navigate even on the mobile screens. Users show more inclination to shop using the mobile phones.

Mobile Based Apps

When designing a friendly mobile site, it has become mandatory to remember the mindset of the user. Mobile buyers will purchase on the go. They find limited time to browse the internet while at the office or home. Therefore, you should keep your site as simple as possible so that they can purchase quickly.

2. Limit or Avoid Sending Pop-up Messages

You may think that you must follow up to make customers feel important. However, you must remember that pop-up messages annoy the first-time users on your site.

Not only, pop-ups are annoying, but also Google has started penalizing the sites with more pop-up messages on mobile devices. Studies show that rebound rates will increase when the popup is eliminated.

A reliable option to replace the pop-up is to use a push-down strap or a push-over pad. The purpose is to provide the user some priceless returns for signing up. Special loyalty bonuses and discounts work out better.

3. Making Social Engagement Child’s Play

All the successful brands in the market have understood the significance of communal obligation in the promotion approach.

Research conducted by Inflow shows the ideal place for social sharing is on the “Product Details” page. Irrespective of choice for the brand, every buyer shows interest in a specific product. Hence, allocate social distribution for precise products and not on your entire website.

Modern consumers consider several features before taking a purchase decision. If you can curate few of your items on platforms, including Pinterest, you can stay at the top during the time the users make a transaction.

E-Commerce Has Gained Importance

Its high time that the Canadian retailers consider jumping aboard the e-commerce train. When a retailer targets an exclusively Canadian audience, it is recommended to make use of .ca website address. The US retailers or global target group should choose for a .com.

While it may require more time to get hold of the Internet retailers off-line abroad, the ability of retailers in Canada to concentrate on optimizing and changing e-commerce is capturing their share of the cake.