Funded Social Media Campaign By Canadian Government

Social Media Campaign

Trudeau government released $13.6M on funded social media posts (SMP). According to the report published in CTV media, which contains more than 1500 pages states that around 58 posts on social media were made to give messages to the Canadians. The total costs about the social media posts (SMP) funded details were kept confidential.

The posts were made in various social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, etc. The costs were much lesser when compared to the advertising campaign done by the previous government. The current state believes that the funded social media campaigns were efficient enough when compared to last drive and reached almost all the Canadians that were familiar with social media.

The Top Five Spenders

  • Destination Canada
  • Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRC) Canada.
  • Veterans Affairs Canada
  • Canadian Heritage
  • Health Canada

Detailed Outlook About Top Spenders

The top two spenders among all on the funded media campaign namely the ‘Destination Canada’ with $4.3 million and Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada with $1.4 million.

Destination Canada focused on travelers from select countries, including United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia and the other countries such as Japan Mexico, Korea, and Brazil. Destination Canada is responsible for generating tourism revenue. The social media post produced close to 770 lakh views. The government believed that the digital marketing along with social media posts (SMP) by Destination Canada stands effectively and targeted most of the Canadian citizens and people traveling to Canada.

Detailed Outlook About Top Spenders

IRC Canada targeted the new arrivals to Canada, who came in search for the jobs. The social media campaign generated 11 million impressions. The second drive focused on the eTA. It stands for Electronic Travel Authorization. It is an entry requirement to offer visa-exempt for overseas nationals traveling to Canada. This aimed at geo-targetted and the dual citizens in Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Taiwan, Netherlands, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, France, and the UK. It established close to 233 million impressions starting from 2016 March till 2017 March.

The third maximum spender was the Veterans Affairs in Canada.

The fourth spender was the Canadian Heritage, and they funded social media posts (SMP) including the three platforms. It promotes the chief federal celebrations together with Winterlude, Newyear and Canada Day.

Finally, the fifth-highest spender for the funded social media post (SMP) was the Health Canada to make its substance visible. Health Canada made various campaigns on dental care and household mold. It was explicitly meant at the Canadians interest on a particular tribe known as the Red amid numerous other qualifiers related to the indigenous demographics.

The border armed forces organization in Canada compensated $40,000 for promoted posts targeted at hiring individuals at the age of 18 and 35.

Marine Atlantic Inc., was the lowest among the federal agencies to utilize the funded posts. The Crown Company runs a shipping transport service in between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. It paid a Hundred dollars to Twitter to increase the gas card advertising. The advertisement generated 13,000 ideas with only three links.