Canadian marketing award recipients

Canadian marketing award recipients

Besides being huge the Canadian market is one of the most advanced one in the world. Unfortunately, the world does not know the full potential of the Canadian market. It is highly advised to all the marketing associations in the world to let Canada launch their products. The market in this regard is under-tapped so the full potential can only be recognized if the products are launched here. There are several marketing associations in Canada that recognize the potential of the companies launching their campaigns. There are many awards which are presented to such companies to make sure that they are bucked up. This also ensures that the best potential of the companies remain in the best form and they work harder to bag more awards.

1. Labatt Breweries of Canada

The “Movie Out There” is the best and one of the most advanced movies which are highly regarded in the marketing agencies. The fans were a part of these campaigns and the social media posts were also uploaded to make sure that the fans nominations are also collected. In total 70,000 nominations were collected from Canada alone. The overall box-office hit was huge and the tickets were sold on the first night. It is one of the best movies has since release has increased the market share of Labatt significantly.

2. McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s Canada

The title says for itself. The gold medal was bagged for this production. The marketing company which was hired in this regard was TribalDDB. Additionally, 2 bronze medals were also collected for the work. The new approach of the company targeted the social media accounts and the campaign has been started to collect the stories of the customers. These were put together in form of video and were uploaded to all social media accounts of the company.  The highly successful campaigns were followed by a huge response and the McDonalds were even strengthened in the Canadian market.

3. Bell Canada

Bell Canada

The silver medal was bagged for this one and it is regarded as one of the best campaigns in Canada. The best part of the campaign was the fact that the Olympic Invitations which were sent to the CEOs around the world were packed in Russian nesting dolls. The picture of the CEO was printed on both sides of the doll and the invitees were happy to get such an invitation. The best part of the campaign was that it allowed Bell Canada to develop business relations with the companies all over the world.

4. Missing Children Society of Canada

The best part of this campaign is that it was carried out for a nonprofit work and still the company managed to bag the awards. The milk carton 2.0 was created to make sure that the marketing and the word are spread about the missing children. The Grey Group Canada is one of the best marketing companies in the region and they were the one to manage and make this campaign. The Facebook version was also launched for which the society bagged Silver Medal.