Canadian marketing award recipients

Besides being huge the Canadian market is one of the most advanced one in the world. Unfortunately, the world does not know the full potential of the Canadian market. It is highly advised to all the marketing associations in the world to let Canada launch their products. The market in this regard is under-tapped so the full potential can only be recognized if the products are launched here. There are several marketing associations in Canada that recognize the potential of the companies launching their campaigns. There are many awards which are presented to such companies to make sure that they are bucked up. This also ensures that the best potential of the companies remain in the best form and they work harder to bag more awards. (more…)

Top 3 Canadian Online Retail Business Trends In 2017

The retailers in the US are quickly searching for a cataloging culture, Canadian online retailing continued to catch up. More and more Canadians have started doing online shopping. This trend provides an opportunity to the Canadian retailers to capture a portion of the digital marketplace.

Canadian online retailing is expected to reach close to $40 billion by 2018. You must know the top three promising trends in e-commerce after Inflow’s best research, (e-commerce marketing firm) to enhance the Canadian online retail business in 2017. (more…)

The Overall Impact Of The Network On Growth, Employment, And Prosperity

The Internet represents a growing and significant share of world GDP. Internet consumption and spending, if considered as a field for measurement, then it is now more important than energy or agriculture.

The Internet includes a variety of financial activities, starting from many daily transactions online and interactions with the Smartphone for downloading television programs. Only a little knowledge is there about how web as a whole contributes to the growth, employment, and prosperity globally. (more…)