About us

SMM works with Business Owners and Senior Management on Internet Marketing Strategy and Action Plans to grow their companies. This includes the development of selling effective websites that can generate leads and sales. Such websites must have high searchability (SEO), usability, credibility and sales generating capabilities. SMM will often act as the project manager on a website development project working as a bridge between the company and the chosen web designer. SMM provides the detailed blueprint for the website including the company inputs so that a selling effective website results.

Our president works with other associates and allies as particular projects require additional skills and resources. Being completely bilingual, he can ensure effective marketing to the two principal markets in Quebec. He was in business in Montreal for over 30 years and is now working in British Columbia. During the last 20 years, he has been helping medium-sized and small businesses achieve better business performance . He has extensive international business experience, particularly in marketing and has degrees from Cambridge and London in the U.K.

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