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Montreal Bagels are known world-wide. They’re also one of the food items on which there’s lots of debate. Who makes the best Montreal bagel? Is the Montreal bagel better than the New York bagel? Marketers like Search Studio know that to have such interest in a product is a critical step in making the sale. AIDA – Awareness > Interest > Desire > Action. That’s the recipe for success.

Blogging is a great medium to get such marketing dialogue going. The Internet is about making connections. That’s why Buzz marketing or viral marketing has become a hot topic in this digital world. Internet marketing strategy really needs to consider whether a blog can be a powerful support to other marketing efforts.

Which brings us to the reason for this post. Mike Boone in the Montreal Gazette hails the arrival of an ebakery in cyberspace. The St. Viateur Bagel Shop has opened an online bagel purchasing service on its website. That’s great to see another company realizing the power of the Internet. Even though you’ve got to order in lots of 6 dozen bagels, it will probably do well for them. However you could always do the same by phone before and have the bagels delivered to you. And you can do exactly the same with the other famous bagel maker in Montreal,Fairmount Bagel.

Selling via the Internet is not all that easy. Your web designer may be delighted to add a shopping cart to your website, but there are more who fail with this approach than succeed for a whole variety of reasons. Getting visible on the Internet is a much more do-able task. Making connections is what the Internet is good at. Perhaps a Montreal Bagel Blog is the way to go.

Sharing is caring!

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